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Mari Shibuya


The intersection of Mind and Matter. 

My work is driven by my insatiable curiosity and fascination with the origin of cognition. I am fascinated by the multiplicity of fields (electric, magnetic, energetic, gravitational ect.) that impact human experience and our capacity for abstraction that allows for dissecting these fields. A couple of questions that fuel my art are: What are the underlying threads tying the psychic realm and the physical realm together? What is the algorithm that propels human evolution?

A desire to explore the imaginal world motivates my artistic missions. This ineffable world that imprints physical matter and the intrinsic patterns that exist within all levels of Life is of central fascination.  My artistic exploration is a space to distill my philosophical expansion.

I utilize the allusion of geometry within my work to represent the forces organizing matter from the level of the quantum to cognitive schemas. Nature grows in natural patterns, does it not follow that we, too, are subject to the same governing laws?

Thank you for venturing along this journey with me...


I am a painter, a draftsperson, a muralist, and a facilitator.I am a multi-medium Creative that revels in being boundless when it comes to my creations and mediums.

Central to my artistic mission is the creation of space. I create three-dimensional space within a two-dimensional plane. I create interpersonal space through facilitating group dynamics. I enhance public space through mural painting. Further, I create flow and aesthetics in interior space through art and design.

I graduated from The Evergreen State College with a Bachelors in Psychology and Philosophy. I utilize my artwork as an avenue to explore central questions about the origin of consciousness and how to organize our individual experience within the collective to impact humanity in ways that align with our values and goals.

I am committed to creative empowerment, specifically, with young people. After studying contemporary painting at Gage Academy for three years in one of their Atelier programs, I am now an instructor for the teen programs at Gage. In addition to fine art instruction, I facilitate and work with organizations such as Partners of Youth Empowerment to empower young people through creativity.


Peace and love,

Mari shibuya

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