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I am a painter, a draftsperson, a muralist, a philosopher and a facilitator. My goal within all that I create is to highlight the regenerative, healing power of Creativity, the wisdom inherent within our interconnection, the power of visual information, and the importance of reimaging growth.

Central to my artistic mission is the creation of space. I create three-dimensional space within a two-dimensional plane. In my studio practice and my murals, I fuse geometric shapes and perspective drawing with the human form to represent the fields of information we are swimming in and the vastness of the information and power contained within the individual. I also use geometry and visual networks to depict the way information flows within a system, illuminating patterns of our connection to each other and the natural world.

I create interpersonal space for Self discovery through facilitating and organizing groups. I am passionate about community based, process oriented artwork. In my work as an organizer, I work as a lead facilitator for multiple organizations in Seattle focusing on the Creative Empowerment of young people through the arts. The arts are the vessel for transformation. They function as a dynamic platform through which we cultivate confidence and leadership in young people while exploring issues central to their lives. Organizations I work with include, Young Women Empowered (Y-WE), Partners for Youth Empowerment (PYE) and NewStories. 

I enhance public space through mural painting. For the past three years, I have worked professionally as a muralist working for both public and private commission and run the youth programs at Urban Artworks, an organization that works with court involved youth and communities around the greater Seattle area to create public art. In my personal murals, I depict people of color in positions of power fueled by a deep connection to the wisdom of nature and ancestors. In my work with Urban Artworks, I facilitate mural projects to empower young peoples visions and create curriculums for other artists to work with youth and go into communities to create artworks that represent their values and the people within that community.

I create space for epiphanies and collaboration in my work as a graphic facilitator and recorder. I utilize mind mapping and visual information to harness the radiant thinking leading to the uncovering of new patterns, catalyzing creativity.

I am a multi-medium creative that lifts up space for transformation as an imperative in our present time. Creativity is the space where we make meaning of our lives and transform what is possible to evolve. My work as an artist is to create space for individuals to connect with their own creativity and personal power.

Peace and gratitude,

Mari shibuya

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